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How Tulsi Tanti sailed Suzlon during the turbulent weather?

Globally solar and wind project developers face the risk of regulatory uncertainties and changing policies. Typically, this business is incentive driven business and as incentives are withdrawn by government in an unexpected/sudden manner, the solar and wind companies face the burnt of these changing policy regimes. The typical incentives offered by governments are in the […]

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The falling cost of solar is making green Ammonia an attractive fuel proposition..

Recently the Avada group has announced its investment plans of Rs 40,000 crore green ammonia manufacturing unit in Rajasthan. This is in line to the newly announced GOI green hydrogen policy of facilitating 5 Million tonnes of green Hydrogen by 2030. Green Ammonia is manufactured using Hydrogen produced through electrolysis of water using solar power. […]

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Recycling of Lithium ion Battery

It is time to go for recycling of lithium ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are used in electronics goods, the industries is caring up for large scale utilisation of Li-ion batteries in electrical vehicles. As per the current trend only 2 to 3 % of Li-ion Batteries are collected and recycled. However there is a very […]

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India’s Solar Policy: JNNSM

The National Solar Mission is an initiative of the Government of India and State Governments to promote solar power. The mission is one of the several policies of the National Action Plan on Climate Change. The program was inaugurated as the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 11 January 2010.with a target of 20 GW by 2022. This was […]

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