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“The Essential Skills and Competencies of a TRUE Advisor: 10 Questions and Answers on Section 5 of the TRUE Advisor Examination”

Ten typical questions with answers asked in TRUE advisor examination on Section 5: Skills and Competencies of a TRUE Advisor: Q: What is waste auditing, and why is it important for a TRUE Advisor? A: Waste auditing is a process of analyzing and quantifying the types and amounts of waste generated by a business or […]

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“Overcoming Barriers to Waste Reduction and Diversion: 10 Common Questions and Answers for TRUE Advisor Candidates on Section 4″ 

ten typical questions asked in the TRUE advisor examination on the following topics: Lack of Infrastructure and Funding, Cultural Resistance to Change, and Difficulty in Measuring and Tracking Progress: Q: What are some of the challenges associated with lack of infrastructure and funding for waste reduction and diversion? A: Lack of infrastructure and funding can […]

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Mastering Upstream Waste Solutions: 10 Common Questions and Answers for TRUE Advisor

Tenn typical questions with answers asked in the TRUE advisor examination on the following topics: Upstream Solutions to Prevent Waste, Source Reduction, Composting and Anaerobic Digestion, Recycling and Downcycling, and Extended Producer Responsibility: Q: What are upstream solutions to prevent waste, and why are they important? A: Upstream solutions refer to strategies and actions taken […]

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“Unlocking the TRUE Certification: 10 Common Questions and Answers for TRUE Advisor

Q: What is the TRUE certification program, and who is it intended for? A: The TRUE certification program is a voluntary, third-party certification program for facilities and operations that have achieved high levels of sustainability and zero waste. It is intended for businesses, institutions, and communities seeking to improve their environmental performance and reduce waste. […]

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“Mastering the Basics: 10 Common Questions and Answers on Understanding Zero Waste for TRUE Advisor Certification”

Q: What is zero waste, and how does it differ from traditional waste management approaches? A: Zero waste is a philosophy and a set of principles that aim to eliminate waste and move towards a circular economy where resources are used and reused in a closed loop. It differs from traditional waste management approaches, which […]

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“PAT Cycle-2: How Financial and Regulatory Incentives Can Drive Energy Efficiency”

India’s energy efficiency journey continued to gain momentum with the launch of Perform, Achieve, and Trade (PAT) Cycle-2 in 2016. This second cycle of the national-level energy efficiency program aimed to improve energy efficiency in 11 energy-intensive sectors, including three newly added sectors, namely DISCOMS, Railways, and Refineries. The program targeted an overall reduction of […]

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PAT Cycle-I: The Beginning of India’s Energy Efficiency Journey

India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, is also among the largest energy-consuming countries globally. With a rapidly growing population and expanding industrial sector, the country’s energy needs are projected to increase significantly in the coming years. Recognizing the need for sustainable energy consumption, India launched its first-ever national-level energy efficiency program in 2012 – […]

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“Understanding India’s Proposed Carbon Market: Key Highlights and Implications”

“The creation of India’s domestic carbon market is not only a major step towards reducing carbon emissions but also a significant contribution towards achieving the country’s updated nationally determined contribution. As the voluntary carbon market faces challenges in the new global framework, India’s initiative to encourage private and public entities to undertake decarbonization measures through […]

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