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We are hiring: Job Description-Business Development Manager

About Solar Consultants Firstgreen Limited Solar consultants Firstgreen Limited is a subsidiary of Firstgreen Consulting Pvt Ltd; one of India’s most respected Solar solutions provider since 2010. Solar Consultants Firstgreen is a EPC and consulting firm actively working in development of solar mini grid and rooftop solar for commercial and Industrial (C&I) clients in Africa. […]

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Shared savings model for solar plants O&M

Firstgreen specializes in providing robotic PV module cleaning services. We use the highest quality professional grade robotic equipment’s which are specially designed for providing solar module cleaning in existing as well as new solar installations. The use of robotic PV module cleaning reduces the module deterioration due to dirt and debris. The increased cleaning cycles […]

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Solar PPA for schools

Solar for schools <h1><b>Why schools should opt for solar power?</b></h1> <i>100</i>kW If a school installs a solar rooftop system of 100kW under Solar PPA model</p> <i>150000</i>Units of Electricity <p>The school will generate 150,000 units of electricity annually.</p> <i>375000</i>USD <p>The school will save 375,000 USD through the lifetime of the system.</p> <h2>Schools are having large rooftop […]

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Firstgreen offers leasing of energy storage systems (ESS) to resorts in Kenya

Solar Consultants Firstgreen limited, is a leading supplier of Solar+ energy storage solutions in Kenya. We are now offering the solar +DG+ESS systems on lease model to the resort owners and mining companies in Kenya who use costlier Diesel fuel. This not only reduces the operating cost to the consumers, but also reduces the CO2 […]

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First Green Solar Kit/ Complete 3KW Solar Panel System Kit With PYLON TECH Battery Storage

AC, DC and Hybrid coupled complete solar panel system with battery package; including all components The INVT BD3KTL-PS AC-coupled Inverter with PylonTech US3000 3.2 kWh Battery Storage Kit  comes with 7 years guarantee; can be extended with 3 years of manufacturer warranty for free. for the battery and 1 year warrantee; can be extended with […]

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First Green product review/ Smappee Infinity- A solar monitoring system by SMAPPEE

About SMAPPEE SOLAR Smappee is an award-winning global cleantech company that aims to save its customers energy and money by reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency. Smappee’s future-proof energy management system, Smappee Infinity, uses state-of-the-art technology to analyse the real-time use of electricity, solar power, gas and water. The system not only provides a […]

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