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Are you looking for a challanging position in a growth company? You have come to the right place Join us for a challanging career in renewables and energy efficiency.

We have focused much of our efforts in team development. Our team is having a reputation in solar industry with un matched tellent and knowledgebase. Though we are a small team, yet we are hearty, thriving, and ubiquitous in our environment. A consulting career at Firstgreen is not just any solar job. Deciding to enter the field of renewables and energy efficiency is a career choice and a lifetime changing event which will take your career to a great future. 


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Solar Consultant

Design engineering, EPC, Project Management, Project finance.

Engineers with relivent experience are preferred.

Green building consultant

LEED APs, GRIHA certified professionals, IGBC professionals with expertise in simulation are preferred. 

Senior associates

Experience professionals with parttime association for key assignments are encouraged to apply.


We encourage interns to join us for a minimum six month period to get absorbed as a full time employees on successful completion of their internship. 


Our culture

While we do endeavor to advance renewable and energy efficiency, we also play hard to keep life in balance. Everyone needs time off to sharpen their minds and bring fresh perspectives to light. Our team building activities are done with lot of outbound trips. 



Our culture

Our team is progressive, collaborative and considerate. It is the team work which has enabled us to take up challanging assignments.  We love coming to work each day because of the people at Firstgreen.

Firstgreen team

Associate consultant-Solar

Firstgreen is a solar EPC /consulting firm based in Gurgaon. We are looking for part time associates/ contract basis associates having experience of at least 2
years in solar design engineering, project development, commissioning etc. The qualification should be engineering degree, Electrical preferred.

Associate consultant-green buildings

FFirstgreen Consulting is a leading Indian sustainability consultancy firm specialising in green buildings, and we continue to grow with the help of more than 38 LEED Platinum Certifications in our green building portfolio. We intend to hire professionals in green building domain. This vacancy is for the position of associate consultant-green buildings.


Interns for min six months. The primary focus of this role is solar and green building related technical and research support.

Careers @Firstgreen-Interns


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