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Firstgreen solar academy is an initiative to educate the solar professionals on ABCs of the solar technology.

This page functions as a resource centre in helping you do your bit towards a sustainable tomorrow. At Firstgreen, we believe in creating awareness and sharing valuable resources from our in house knowledge base. We aim to educate our subscribers on all topics ranging from engineering and design to the final commissioning of a solar PV power plant.


Firstgreen aspires to create a knowledge pool for all energy enthusiasts.

Basics of Solar PV System

The basic building block of a Solar PV system is the PV cell, which is a semiconductor device that converts solar energy into direct-current (DC). These PV cells are interconnected to strings, to form a PV module. The PV modules combined with a set of additional components that form a complete PV system.

Off Grid / On Grid Solar

Also known as Stand Alone Power System (SAPS), generates electricity from solar panels that is later stored in house batteries, using a charge controller. This stored energy is used to power a particular household.

Solar System Financing

Third-party ownership still remains the dominant model for financing solar installations, at least for residential and commercial systems, but times are changing. PV systems continue to get cheaper and it is now easier than ever to access low-cost financing.

Battery Storage

Solar batteries are designed to connect with solar charger controller or solar inverter for power backup.

All types of solar system run the connected load in the day time and export the extra electricity to batteries.

Project MGT

A solar project manager maximizes efficiency in the implementation of detailed project plans, keeping track of goals, tasks, resources, schedules, costs, and contingencies. They are responsible for the quality of work, and for keeping a project on time and on budget.

Design Engineering

The Solar Engineer is responsible for engineering, design (using AutoCAD), and delivery of grid connected solar photovoltaic systems (including rooftop and ground mounted arrays) on time and on budget.

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